Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dantino, on his way back

Dante enjoys his new "brain food", with lots of extra virgin olive oil
Happy 2012, Everyone!

This afternoon Dante and I were working on addition.  Did you say "addition"?  Yes, I said addition.  We’ve come a looong way this month. I thank God for every meaningful look, every enthusiastic jump, and every second of laughter Dante has given me these last few weeks.  Now I will share what has happened.

The big wave of drop seizures that began last Summer has tried with all its might to keep us under.  Oh, but so many others have survived this wave that there is wisdom to be found for the benefit of all of us coming after.  I am passionate about weaning (withdrawing) Dante from Topamax – the medicine that took away his few words, his little fine motor skills, his cognitive skills, a lot of his gross motor strength, and most of his joyful laughter.  Topamax bought us time while we researched other options, but I am so ready to let it go.