Friday, May 30, 2014

A message for my friends...

The other night I was telling some friends about this protocol I was led to by my son’s neurologist.  She didn’t tell me directly, because she couldn’t as an M.D., but she led me to it  J.  When I researched the protocol’s book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, by Kerri Rivera on Amazon (2nd Edition), I found the stories of so many older children whose families had tried everything and the kids have been labeled as non-responders (woo-hoo! My kinda kid!).  These children are responding to this protocol and many of them are recovering.  Obviously, some take longer than others.  The older ones take longer than the little ones.

The nice thing about it too is that they use the ATEC score (a quick test to determine how autistic a child is) as a guide of whether or not the kids are getting better.  Well, my boy started with an ATEC of 99 (which is very high given that below 10 is considered recovered).  We’ve been doing a super low and slow protocol (because of his seizures) for the past 7 months and he’s now at 71.  His drop seizures stopped after 4 weeks, although we’re still dealing with grand-mals.

  •          I started my research of this protocol reading the parents reviews of her book.
  •          Then I went to her website and watched most of the videos by the parents.  I was hooked but could not believe it.
  •          Then I joined the facebook group, which is fantastic.  The parents actually help one another and report on how their kids are progressing.  I encourage you to visit and read some of the posts.  They go from cynical to inspiring.  See an example below…
  •         I filled out the ATEC for Dante and got a 99 L.  This takes you 10 minutes to fill out and they email you the results via PDF automatically.
  •          This is my story of how I discovered the protocol (long blog post).
  •          I bought the book and got to work. 
  •          This is my story of how good it got really fast (although I knew it would be temporary).
  •          Then I had to slow down because for Dante the detox was very rough – but now we’ve been going full-steam ahead for a month!
  •          Here is KerriRivera’s presentation from this past Saturday at the AutismOne conference.

I know some of you have kids with specific genetic conditions.  I believe this protocol addresses fundamental immunological weaknesses that trigger all the other crap our kids (genetically or not) suffer from.  If you can help their immune system heal and actually do its work, a lot of the other issues will heal.  The idea is that the issues they have (sensory, behavioral, etc.) are all because of different bacteria, viruses, and inflammation.  That is what this protocol seeks to address.  You may not be able to change the genes, but you may be able to change a lot of the bad things they are causing.

Anyway, I’m on board because I really don’t want to have to watch Dante for the rest of my life, nor put him in a home if possible.  I want him to be happy and thriving.


RediscoveringReece said...

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for "putting it out there" on your blog. I had heard of Kerri's protocol but was hesitant to try it. When you posted in in January that you were following it and getting results. I thought to myself well if somebody I "know" (even if just thru cyberspace by reading your blog!!) is getting good results with no damage done then I should try it.
We started mid February with an ATEC of 79 and yesterday I did our 3 month evaluation and he is at a 60. Over the past 4 years of biomed/homeopathy/whatever else we never got under a 64. My son is 7 and for the first time I am actually looking forward to what lies ahead.
Thank you sharing. Bless you.

Mom Connected said...

Dear Rediscovering Reece: It feels my heart with joy to learn that another child is benefitting from sharing our experience! I know of at least another mom on the fb group who also learned of the protocol through this blog and her son is improving fast as well!
No one knows how fast our kids may heal. I think there is a lot of wisdom in identifying "what is working well for others?" and trying it. I think this protocol may just change the world, if not just only our part in it!
Thank you for letting me know of your son's improvements!